Pacific Shore Stones recognizes the current trend in sustainable and green building efforts and its importance in preserving our environment in order to better our way of life. The choice of natural stone as a green building material is a commitment to nature and Pacific Shore Stones will continually work to provide quality, natural stone through green practices in our quarrying & distribution services.

A Part of Nature: Durability

Created by nature, stone is inherently non-toxic and bears no man-made substance that could cause harm to its environment or the people that surround it. The chemicals used in processing are safe for everyday use, allowing for food preparation directly on stone surface and are non-threatening to consumers, allowing stone to be placed in all elements of a home or office. Its inability to harbor bacteria or allergens, like its man-made counterparts, further adds to its appeal and usability.

A Touch of Life: Expected Life

As with many materials, time and age tend to take a toll on surfaces but with natural stone, time and use only add to the beauty of the material – allowing colors to develop more fully and the slab’s ingraining to become more defined. The texture and design of natural stone paired with an integral finish, allows imperfections or scratches that occur over time to be hidden in the depths of its color. This ability to mask flaws allows for easy maintenance, simple cleanings, and requires minimal repairs, adding to the life expectancy and appeal of the material.

Natural stone’s forever life cycle means that it will never end up in a landfill and those pieces that do require replacing, result in waste that is of low volume and can be displaced as an environmentally-stable material, thus reducing the overall environmental impact. Additionally, stone can be re-purposed for an endless number of applications, making it adaptable for any purpose

Applications for Reclaimed Stone

  • Paving material
  • Cost effective retaining walls
  • Gravel fill
  • Concrete aggregate
  • Mineral rich fertilizer
  • Sidewalks and mosaic pathways
  • Adhered stone surfaces
  • Historic and nostalgic purposes
  • Stone tiles
  • Landscaping elements
  • Fireplaces
  • Structural column