In a world that demands stunning surfaces to withhold the wears of everyday traffic, while maintaining a naturally elegant appearance, Compac The Surface Company has engineered products to meet these consumer desires. Technology has given Compac the ability to create a product from natural quartz and marble that fits the needs and demands of our modern world. Whether its floors, walls, countertops, or columns, Compac’s technological advances in the world of engineered stone will promise you a product in a variety of colors, finishes, and formats that will exceed your creative goals.

Compac & Pacific Shore Stones

As an international company with operations in Spain & Portugal, Compac strategically partners with stone distributors across the globe to bring the production of technological marble and quartz to consumers across the market. Pacific Shore Stones is proud to be a chosen as an exclusive Quartz Compac distributor and strives to maintain the versatility and quality of the Compac Quartz product.