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Pacshore Quartz Warranty

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Pacshore Quartz offers a 15 year warranty on all our countertops.

  1. This warranty is valid for 15 years after the registration date.
  2. This limited warranty is personal and non-transferable to the natural person that registers his/her personal information (the “registrant”) according to the instructions explained later. This warranty is only applicable for manufacturing imperfections reported during fabrication, or by the end user after installation of the product.
  3. In order to obtain assistance during the warranty period, the registrant should contact the establishment where the product was purchased.
  4. This warranty is applicable to material that has been used in accordance with the care and maintenance rules, and by following the precautions explained by Pacshore Quartz.
  5. The warranty registrant will have to allow authorized employees of Pacshore Quartz access to the premises in order to examine the defective product and take pictures of the material and installation imperfections.
  6. It will be necessary to be registered, according to this document, and give the original receipt in order to be able to use this warranty. In the case of the purchase of a new home which has Pacshore Quartz installed in it, the home purchase contract will be valid instead of the receipt. A maximum of 6 months from the receipt date is permitted for registration for the 15 Year Pacshore Quartz Warranty.
  7. Those products that have not been paid for in full are excluded from this warranty.
  8. This warranty does not cover installed products on the exterior, damage occurring through incorrect use, exposure to excessive heat, exposure to meteorological conditions, exposure to ultraviolet light, physical or chemical abuse, or damage caused by inappropriate care and maintenance.
  9. This warranty does not cover damage arising from manipulation, cutting or installation procedures in an inappropriate way. This responsibility will be for the professional/installation engineer.
  10. This warranty does not cover any costs other than the technological quartz material itself. It does not cover cutting, installation, or any other additional costs arising from other repairs or modifications such as repairs for walls, plumbing etc.
  11. Pacshore Quartz is not responsible for the transportation of the replacement technological quartz to the registrant’s address.
  12. This warranty does not cover installed products with manufactured defects known or visible at the time of the installation, including, without any limitation, possible differences in color or tone.
  13. This warranty expressly excludes installations on road surfaces, cladding or similar, as well as commercial uses.
  14. Pacshore Quartz is not responsible for any damage caused in total or in part by natural disasters, architectural design or engineering, structural movement, acts of vandalism or accidents.
  15. This is the unique warranty offered by Pacshore Quartz for its technological quartz countertop. No natural person or legal entity different than Pacshore Quartz is authorized to undertake any warranty agreement related to Pacshore Quartz’s technological quartz.
  16. Pacshore Quartz has the right to replace the defective material with another selection in circumstances where at the time of the claim the original product is unavailable.